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‘Inspiring swimmers to achieve
their goals & aspirations
in the open water’

‘Inspiring swimmers
to achieve their
goals & aspirations
in the open water’

Your Coach

Vicky Malmsjö

Vicky Malmsjö

I’m Vicky,  qualified STA Level 2 Open Water Swim Coach and the founder of Swimspirational Open Water Coaching based in Essex.

The reason I learnt to swim was after I was diagnosed in my early thirties with a degenerative disc disease that left me unable to walk for 3 months. Through swimming, first in a pool and then moving on to open water (lakes, rivers and the sea) I found that I not only reduced the pain and symptoms of my disease, I also avoided any surgery and baffled many medical professionals along the way! So for me, I can honestly say that swimming has changed my life.


What are the benefits of

What are the benefits of

open water swimming?

open water swimming?

Personal Achievement

Whatever the distance you want to cover from 100 metres to 10k, or even as part of a triathlon or iron man there is no better feeling than achieving your own personal goals.

Health Benefits

Open water swimming is linked to many health benefits. These include weight loss, reducing stress levels and depression and increasing energy. Cold water swimming can minimise pain, boost the immune system and improve circulation.

Being at one with nature

Open spaces, wildlife, sunrises and sunsets are all part of the wonderful world of open water swimming. With no lane ropes you are free to swim in your own space and at your own pace.

It's Great Fun

The social benefits of open water swimming are great! There are lots of groups of open water swimmers meeting regularly in the local area. Open water swimming is not just about training for an event, you can do it for the sheer enjoyment of being out there.

Open Water



Bespoke sessions based on your

personal goals & aspirations

Vicky is an STA Level 2 Open Water Swim Coach and received her training from Double Open Water World Champion and Olympic Medallist Kerri-Anne Payne.

Vicky is qualified to coach all abilities of open water swimmers including novice, intermediate and experienced.

1:1 Sessions and Group Sessions are available to book.

What can you expect from a session?

Effective and progressive individual session plans that are suitable for all swimmers needs and abilities.

Introduction to Open Water Sessions available for novice open water swimmers.

Technique sessions available for Triathlon, Iron Man, Ice Miles or Swimming events.

Technique sessions include sighting, drafting, bouy turns, stroke analysis, breathing and body positioning, mass starts, deep waterside entry, treading water, pack swimming, feeding, run outs, dive starts and cold water swimming acclimatisation.

All sessions are delivered in safe, challenging and enjoyable environments.

“I would love the opportunity to meet with you and find out what your goals and aspirations are and how I can help you achieve them.”



Gosfield Lake
RiveR Stour
(Starting at either Dedham or Flatford)
Mersea Island
Brightlingsea Lido
or a location of your choice
or a location of your choice

Kind words

Really good session to get back in the lake. Helped me cover treading water and trying to stay calm.
Really friendly and very helpful and help take time to cover everything.
Vicky is an absolute genius at what she does!
We covered off so much in one lesson and I feel like I made real progress in terms of confidence and technique. Vicky's enthusiasm is infectious and her calm teaching style put me completely at ease.
Thanks Vicky.
Your coaching was amazing. You gave great guidance, from the moment we sat down at the table, you have a calming approach backed with vast experience to help guide a novice like me, furthermore I felt comfortable in the water with you.
The swim was really beneficial. Never having done this type of thing before, the techniques you've shown us will make a real difference to my actual swim.
Well, am so chuffed, as at the grand age of 55, I have actually learnt to get over all my mad phobias about putting my face in the water when swimming. This was restricting me in so many ways! Vicky is good at breaking down the issues into small bite sized bits, you can deal with, and she goes at your speed. She is very calm and friendly and that helps as well. You can have confidence in her advice and guidance. I can't wait to get back in the pool! Face in the lake next! Thank Vicky, you are brill x


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